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Zafa Business Solutions helps brands achieve their business with digital strategies. We ensure organizations to meet their requirements in the online world through marketing strategies based on deep analytics and strategies planning.

We specialize in comprehending, creating and conducting digital campaigns across the web, mobile and social media platforms with a belief that creativity and imaginative thinking blended with innovative working methodology and embedding teamed and brilliant execution results in high quality advertising with standards difficult to rise up to.

Our Range Of Services

Web Apps & Corporate Sites Design

  • Design Websites to Increase Conversions
  • Highly-Detailed Web Design Proposals
  • Strategical Planned Conversion Funnels.
  • Application Interface Designs.
  • Responsive Website Design

Mobile App Design

  • UX/UI review.
  • Mobile abd SEO Friendly Designs.
  • Onboarding improvement
  • Flexible design systems
  • Team continuity

Illustrationn & Animation

  • Any kind of custom vector graphics
  • Illustrations for games or apps
  • Designed from scratch exclusively for you
  • Short animations and animated GIFs
  • Unique illustrations and patterns for your products and promotional needs

Digital Marketing

  • Boost Up your Online Presence.
  • Improve your Search Rankings.
  • Get More Attraction from Social Media Sites.
  • Email Marketing to help you Generate More Leads and Traffic.
  • Show your Good Work to your Customers.


  • Generate More Leads for your Business.
  • Lead Nurturing.
  • Maintaining Relationship with Customers.
  • Convert your Leads into Revenue.
  • Optimization of Sales Cycle..

Web Development

  • Responsive Websites.
  • Mobile abd SEO Friendly Websites.
  • Website Optimization.
  • Dynamic and Static Websites.
  • Web-App Development.

Data Research

  • Data Visualization
  • Get the Result Driven Data.
  • Data as per your Requirement, as per your Choice.
  • Data Sanitization and Validation.
  • Data Mining.

"Zafa Business Solutions had been a wonderful support for my company. They helped us to rank from nothing to something. Team is good enough to understand the requirements to make sure you be on the top."

Preet Gupta
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