5 Steps to Boost up your Sales Cycle

5 Steps to Boost up your Sales Cycle

Have you ever wondered sales could be as easy as getting a fish out of the small pond? Obviously not. Either if it is a product company or a service company. Everybody is fighting on improving their sales quality and process. Some companies follow a 5-step process or a 7-step process. But unfortunately sales is not something which is planned or is in your hand. It’s totally on your customer’s side. If they want they will pay you or else they have many similar options like you.

Secondly everybody of us is trying their own methods to to shorten the sales cycle. With my years of experience and a few years of research I have made a list of the right steps that’ll help you boost your sales cycle. So let’s get started:

Connect to your Prospects on various Forums.

Whenever a lead is assigned to your name, it’s always good to connect with your prospect on any of the Social Media profiles they use. For instance Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter. Which will help you understand your prospects and will help you trigger good conversation rather than just being salesy.

Listen and Analyse Your Customers

In Sales it is always said that put yourself inside your customer’s shoes to know them better. A good salesperson will always listen to their customers first. As already mentioned in the first step, it’s very much important for you to first analyse your customer. This will give you a clear result about your deal, whether it will be closing or not. Analysing your customer’s requirement is always a top priority. When you will start listening to your customer’s. It’ll also give your customers an opportunity to talk freely and clear all your doubts. And it’ll satisfy them whether your product or service is going to solve their problem.

Become a Problem Solver

Whatever you are building or selling at the end it is going to solve your customers problem only. Always try to solve their problems. And also it’s always good to drive your customers for a demo. In this way your customers will learn more about your product and their might be some features that they can leverage and opt you to go for. If a customer of yours is having issues with your product or services, you must try to solve it at the highest priority. The less time you’ll take to solve your customers problem, the sooner the chances to close the deal will grow.

Define Requirements and Build Pipeline

With out requirement their is no sale. So obviously you have to showcase your product to your customers, not only this you have to prove your customers how your service or product can fit in their process or how it can solve their problems.

Building your sales pipeline will always help you in the long run. So on as your are getting positive interactions you’ll be building your sales pipeline too. Always make sure you highlight the benefits and do not fake or try to hard sales. Hard sales is a very will only hamper your sales process. There’s is a difference between being persistent and being a pain in the wrong place.😊

Automate Your Small and Recurring Process.

And this is the last and my favourite point. I love to automate things that I have to do repeatedly. For example. You have a 5-step sales process. Where if a lead is assigned to your name, you first will send an email to nurture your leads and then call.So here I know I have to send the same email to each lead getting assigned to me. So here if we can automate this small small things this will save your time, which in turn will allow you to make more number of calls and get more closures.

There are many CRM’s in the market, but here I’d love to list some of the most useful CRM’s that will help you to manage your whole Sales Process and Automate your small and recurring tasks.

  1. Zoho CRM
  2. Salesforce
  3. Hubspot
  4. Freshsales
  5. Reply.io

These 5 steps can boost up your sales cycle. And these steps will help you reduce the time for your closures. If I had missed a point to add here, please feel free to contact us at pooja@zafabusinesssolutions.com or comment below.

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