6 Email Marketing Best Strategies

6 Email Marketing Best Strategies

Email Marketing is one of the major and easiest sources to drive traffic as well as drive revenues for your organization. Here we just have to set up a target audience as per your organization require and then set it live. It doesn’t require a lot of time to set up nor to run a single campaign. But even most of us are struggling with our Email Marketing Performance and trying to improve it.

For every email campaigns, first you have to decide what you have to achieve out of the campaign you will be running, either you have to generate leads, drive traffic to your website or send newsletter to your subscribers. This is the first best email marketing strategy you have to decide first and then. Below I have mentioned top 6 Email Marketing strategies that you can use to improve your email marketing performance.


This first and best email marketing strategy is to follow the our audience time. We always have to make sure we deliver the emails at the time of audience. If we are located in New York and our targeted Audience is based in the United Kingdom. So there we have to send emails according to UK’s timing, we should not consider to send it at our own time. As per the stats the best time to send emails is around 9AM to 12 PM according to their time


In your email content it’s always better to address the person or the company. It’s always better to say “Hi Mark,” rather than saying “Hi there,”. Personalizing your email content increases the chances that a user is surely going to open the email.
One of the best approach here is to address the same user twice in the email. Let’s say

Hi Mark,

I hope you are having a good time.
Mark, how about we can connect for a quick call today, say 10:00 AM EST?

Looking Forward,


Personalizing your email content is also one of the best email marketing strategies that always helps you to increase your emails open and click rate.

Subject Line and Email Content

Subject line is the first impression that your users are going to see. So we always have to make the subject line catchy. Most of the cases the chances of your emails to open increase just because of your subject line. It’s good to use catchy subject lines or subject line that is asking a question. Let’s say..

  1. Subject Line Asking Question
  • Mark, Is it Something that you needed?
  • Are you getting 100k traffic a month?
  • Wanted a Product Demo?

2. Catchy Subject Lines:

  • Don’t Open this Email
  • Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring
  • Get a head start on summer

On the other hand, we also have to make sure our Subject line is sweet and shot. So always try to make your subject line sweet but attractive like I said it is the first impression for your uses receiving your emails

One of the best email marketing strategy here is to build your email content and subject line with spam free words. There are a lot of spam words like, free, offer, etc which may lead your emails to land in your users spam folder which is again a very bad pain for us.

Optimization for All Devices

While running Email Templates made with html and css we always have to make sure it’s cross browser compatible. Like in search engine optimization as we have to make our pages cross device compatible we also have to make our email templates compatible which can display flawlessly in every email client our users are using. In Most of the cases HTML Email template being opened in Outlook doesn’t looks as expected.

Note: If you are using any Email Marketing tool and using any HTML email template, please make sure to add your email content as plain text also if there’s any option given. If you want to learn more about this. Contact Us.

Campaign Report Analysis

It’s always better to analyse what you are doing and why you are doing. Unless you are not analyzing your work, it’s not worth doing. In Email Marketing, we need to analyse every single aspect like the current open rate, click rate, bounce, unsubscribe, response rate from a single campaign. When you’ll start working on Analyzing your campaigns, you’ll start getting new email marketing strategies, new ideas will come automatically in your mind. Always make sure we are using utm’s in every internal link to check the visits and compare with our current clicks in Google Analytics.

Use The Best Email Marketing Tool.

There are lots of email marketing tool in the marketing some of them have their own servers and some are using services like Amazon ses. Below I would like to link some of the best Email Marketing Tools like:

It’s not always about choosing the best email marketing tools but it’s always about making the best email marketing strategy. Some tools may cost you higher some may cost you lower. Also, it’s always good to make sure the IP address which are being used by servers to send our Emails are blacklisted or not

I guarantee you that if you are following these email marketing strategies, you will surely achieve what you wanted to. If you wanted to learn more ideas or wanted us to do email marketing from your side. Contact Us

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